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Extra services

Super Insurance (SC)
Available only for emergency and theft insurance (CDW and TP), purchased for our customers. Super sõidukigrupiti Insurance prices are as follows:
EC group, A, B, C - 14EUR per day;
Group D, E, K, J - 20 per day;
Chapter V, X, L, LE, S - 35 per day.
Super Insurance is accepted, customer ownership of the vehicle injuries and theft of the 75th - EUR. Excess reduction applies if the customer performs Estonia Rent a Car rental terms, rules, and rules of the road.
Peb case the client to submit the required report on the damage of the vehicle injuries.

Insurance Excess (Excess Non-waivable)
Emergency and / or customer theft, reduce their liability insurance, vehicle theft, and accidents occurring as follows:
EC group, A, B, C, D, E, K, J - 400 EUR;
Chapter V, X, L, LE, S - 600.00 EUR;

Broken and missing parts for the automotive and vehicle damage will be charged according to the auto repair shop's spare parts-works price list, estimate or invoice.
The vehicle's tires are not insured. Tyre damage, breakage or loss in the customer must pay 190EUR.
The vehicle for the loss of documents should be tasudatrahv 200.00 EUR

Russia and Belarus to the insurance
Prices do not include Russia, Belarus, and theft insurance, emergency rental price of 150.00 EUR.

Vehicles for sale and äratoomine (Delivery & Collection)
Vehicles for sale and äratoomine in Tallinn, situated hotel, port terminals, as indicated by the client Addressing ajahemikus 09:00 to 18:00 on weekdays - for free.
Vehicles for sale and äratoomine of hotels in Tallinn, port terminals, airports, and Addressing indicated by the client is outside the period from 09:00 to 18:00 Mon-Fri - 20 EUR / procedures.
Vehicles for sale and äratoomine outside Tallinn and the äratoomise pay for additional charges 0.3 euros per kilometer.

Driver Service (Chauffer Drive)
Driver's service price is 90.00 EUR for the 8-hour day, plus a car rental fee in accordance with the car group. The driver of the service added to the rental price of the vehicle and the driver's accommodation and parking costs and other expenses (including the cost of ferry tickets);
By subscribing to the service manager from 18:00 to 09:00 be granted to run every hour from 10.00 EUR you pay in addition.

Ühesuunarent have the opportunity to rent a car from a car hired Estonia'st previously agreed on Estonia or Europe.

Fuel Price (Fuel Charge)
The vehicle shall be issued to the customer with full tank. If the customer returns the vehicle in less than a full tank, the customer pays for each liter of fuel for the lack of missing fuel costs - 1.5 EUR / liter.
In addition, do not have to pay a refueling service charge,

Advance sold fuel (Fuel Purchase Option)
The service is offered to all customers. The service of a customer buys a lease agreement for the current day Olerex Estonian fuel tanks of fuel at the chain. In this case, the client is not obliged to return the hired vehicle is fully fueled.
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