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Rental agreement validity
Every signed agreement is valid, also, if  You haven?t read it through or didn?t understand it correctly. Therefore we recommend You to always specify the rental terms before signing.

Required documents
When renting a car, it will be necessary to deliver a valid drivers licence and also a passport or ID card. The drivers entered to the rental agreement must be at least 21 years old when added to the rental agreement.

Additional driver
The rental vehicle can only be driven by the person entered to the rental agreement. In the renters request and on the conditions in the rental agreement also other persons can drive the vehicle. The fee for every additional driver entered to the rental agreement is 3€ / per day.

Rental period
The minimal rental period is one day- 24 hours. If the vehicle is returned more than 1 hours later than agreed beforehand, the rental company can add a whole days payment to the whole sum. This is why we recommend to inform the rental company in time about any possible alternations in the agreed schedule of returning time and place.

Rental prices
Rental prices include maintenance, mandatory traffic insurance and oils. Rental price does not include the cost of fuel. One days price applies for 24h starting from the pick-up of the vehicle. If  You wish to rent a vehicle for a longer period of time for a favourable price, please contact us and ask for a price offer for long term rental.

The presumable rental fee and self responcibility sum is reserved from the client credit card directly after the beginning of the rental period. The final settling of accounts will take place after returning te vehicle to the rental company. It is possible to pay with the most widespread credit cards (Visa, Eurocard, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club International) and vouchers. In specific cases we also accept payment in cash or by bank transfer. NB! Even when paying in cash, the renter must present a valid credit card to view ( for the J, L and V  group cars two valid credit cards) or pay in advance depending on the rental period and self responcibility sum.

The rental prices include Collision damage waiver (CDW) and Theft protection (TP) with the renters responcibility up to 7080 EEK. The tires and wheel discs are not insured and in those cases the renter bears all the material responcibility.
In case the vehicle is stolen or hijacked, the renter is obligated to present the car keys, documents and the removable front panel of the stereo. In case of a car accident be sure to inform the police and take a written testimony for the insurance. The rental company must be informed immediately (contact numbers found on the rental agreement).

Green card
There is no additional fee required for the green card.

Driving outside Estonia
The client is not allowed to drive outside Estonia without a written permission on the rental company.

The condition of the vehicle
The vehicle is handed over with a full tank, washed and technically in order. When picking up the car, we recommend to examine it thouroughly and demand all the damages written down on the rental agreement or onto a special inspection act, alternatively You might be held responcible also for the damages that the vehicle alredy had beforehand.

The vehicle is handed over with a full tank. When returning the car with an empty tank the necessary amount of fuel and the consistent sum on money will be added to the rental fee. The price of every missing fuel litre is ~1,5€ (or sometimes 1,5 times the current price of fuel in gas stations). This is the reason why we recommend to tank the vehicle before returning or to use the advance buying service. In case of buying the fuel in advance the client pays for a full tank before rental (with the current price of fuel in gas stations) and the rental company will be responcible for tanking the vehicle after returning.

Claims from third persons
All claims from third persons brought on by the renter or/and the user of the vehicle (for example: violation of traffic regulations, parking fees, transporting the vehicle etc) must be completely compensated by the renter, also afterwards.

For lost carkeys and documents the renter must pay a fee in the amount according to the price offers from car representative offices or local administrative agencys pricelists.
If the reservation is cancelled less than 24 hours prior to the rental date, cancellation fee is to be charged in the amount of double daily rental price.

Replacement vehicle
In case of an unexpected technical or other problem with the vehicle, Rent A Car Estonia offers You a replacement vehicle free of charge.

The pick-up and drop-off of the vehicle
Pick-up and drop-off within Tallinn during official working hours (M-F 09:00-18:00) free of charge. Pick-up and drop-off within Tallinn after working hours (M-F 18:00-09:00, weekends 24h) for a 15€ fee. Pick-up and drop-off outside Tallinn city borders costs 0,5€ / per km. In specific cases and with a previos agreement the pick-up and drop-off fee might not be

All Rent A Car Estonia`s vehicles have antitheft devices installed. The roadmaps are for use withour extra fees. During the winter period all vehicles are equipped with winter tires, also all of the vehicles have ABS systems and airbags.

24h helpline
Concerning questions about the rental agreement, terms or other rental related matters there is a 24h helpline on Your service: +372 503 3313. This information number is also written on the rental agreement.
All the conditions are also found on the rental agreement

Rent A Car Estonia leaves themselves the right to change the conditions and prices withour prior notice!

All prices brought in  Euros and contain VAT (20%)
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